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Rally event completed itself - relegated as a result

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I just started the Elite Rally Championship and began the first race. Before completing the first stage, I exited (although I'm not sure if I just quit the game or did a Save and Exit since it was a while ago).

When I came back to the game some days later, I resumed my previous game to find that I was in Monaco instead of Greece. I thought I might have been making it up so I carried on with the races. When I returned to the menu, I noticed that I had completed 1/5 events - that's not right! I didn't complete the last event by any means!

Because of this, I am now relegated back to the Professional Championship that took me so long to complete! It's a massive annoyance and now I don't bother playing campaign mode. Instead I just do the Daily Stages and get even more annoyed when I fail my first try because I haven't warmed up!


System Spec:
Intel Core i7 5820k
SSD for OS, HDD for games and data

Steps to reproduce:
Start a new Elite Championship and quit during the first race
I almost always put my computer into hibernate when I'm not using it. Perhaps there's a link here. Maybe I hibernated during the race? Sorry I can't quite remember.

Recent history of races:
Finished Professional Championship in rally with Peugeot 205 in Class B
Reached Professional Championship in rally-cross
Started world tour rally-cross

Stage I was doing:
Elite started in Greece; next event was Monaco. I don't remember the actual track names.

What I was doing:
Racing and then quitting

How long was the previous session:
No more than an hour

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Hello, it sounds like your game did not save which occurs when the games files are corrupted.

Try Verifying the Integrity of the game cache.
Right Click on DiRT Rally in Steam > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache

If the game is still not saving correctly try uninstalling the game by deleting Local Content when right clicking on the game in Steam Library then delete the DiRT Rally folder in Steam\steamapps\common\ then install the game.

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It hit me that I've been running daily incremental backups for the past month! I was just able to restore my userdata from an older copy - I'm back in Elite =]

I'll verify game cache just in case it decides to do it again though!

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