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Xbox One NXE Update, No sound


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After the big update for the Xbox One (15 Sept 2015), the sound of F1 2015 is gone. Every other game works fine, I only have no sound with F1 2015. I removed the game and install it again, but this doesn't work either. I can`t find anything online about this bug or even if it`s happens with other games as well. After I click on play the sound is gone, also the sound of the dashboard. If i close the game (in dashboard, hit the menu button and click on close game) than i get my sound back of the dashboard. The sound is gone directly when I start the game, I played it for 15 minutes without sound to check if it came back, but it doesn't. 

Have somebody the same issue or knows a solution? I have a hard copy of the game, no download. I apologized for my English, its not my first language. 

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  • Codemasters Staff
If this was a problem with F1 in general I would expect everyone on Xbox One to have the same issue but clearly something is wrong. I'll get it looked in to but it's going to take a day or two.

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Im not sure why it changed but I just had another play with the audio settings. In the audio output (if you're using hdmi) make sure the hdmi audio is on which setting you prefer but turn off optical output and turn bitstream format to off. After that I went straight into the game and amazingly I had sound again.  ☺☺☺☺
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I am having the same issue and again it is since the big dash update, I have done the above and no luck. My controller died the other day and I got my sound back but now it has gone again. Tried to let the controller die again but didn't work this time.

I have tried everything now, I don't even get sound on dash or tele nothing for as long as f1 2015 is open. As soon as I click menu button and close the game all my sound returns.

I have also checked all my other games and they are all fine just f1. However weirdly couple of friends is fine.

Can I ask if others with the issue were in the preview program? Just a thought as my friends wasn't and are not having issues.
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Okay, here's the complete audio and visual setup on my system.  

TV resolution - 1080p
TV Connection - HDMI
Colour Depth - 24 Bits
Colour Space - Pc RGB
Allow 50Hz

Sound mixer - Halfway
Chat mixer - Reduce other sounds by 50%
Change volume with voice by 1 Step

Hdmi - Stereo uncompressed
Optical audio - Off
Bitstream format - Off.

I recommend that you do a complete reset of these settings before applying them and uninstall / reinstall the game and hopefully it works for you guys. 
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Got this off the xbox forums. Give it a try.

Rare Ltd staff here - we have had the same issue with Rare Replay and have a workaround/ fix.

In your console settings go to:

Display and Sound -> Volume -> Chat mixer

See if your 'mute all other sounds' option is selected.

If so, uncheck it or change to 50% mute and see if that fixes the problem.

It has worked for all Rare Replay issues that have been reported to us.

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