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Is duel racing getting more realistic?

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3 hours ago, LET5G0BRAND0N said:

Funny thing is, though, it is ranked (see other screeshot).  ….

Today's has been a total bot day.

Screenshot_20220203-122313_F1 Mobile Racing.jpg

Screenshot_20220203-123345_F1 Mobile Racing.jpg

What a farce indeed! In the rankings it says a win ratio of 0.71 for the bot, 0.69 in your pre-race screenshot. 

What I totally dislike in the rankings is that it doesn’t give a s%^t what your win ratio is. You can be high in the rankings just by racing the most duels. I have a win ratio of 0.78 in this pro league ‘season’, but many players with higher rankings have lower win ratios.  What kind of a rankings system is that? And earning the highest possible rewards (champion box) after only winning a few duels (about 10 in my case after placement duels)? No challenge at all!

This 2021 version is soooo boring compared to the 2020 version. Such a shame since the racing itself is better IMO, in terms of physics and graphics. 

Anyway. I have experienced the same for a few days now. Had no races at all where it felt like a real human opponent. Either winning with +10 seconds ahead (even when the ‘opponent’ has a pre-race PB that is competitive to mine), or losing without any real chance (also against ‘opponents’ that have a really slow PB). 

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