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I'm about done here...

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The constant crashing of the game... no support... F1 Mobile Racing is not fun at all anymore.  I have all the cars... I spent real $ here... No More!!! I hope they can fix it eventually,  but I ain't gonna hold my breath... Level 48... hoped to make it to 50 but

I JUST DONT CARE ANYMORE!!! GREED GOT THE BEST OF THEM!!! They ruined the game by removing the offline option. So... all the Cars I purchased are basically useless. The Mercedes and Redbull are the only cars that matter in Duels... I love Real Racing 3... I  own the cars and can race every single one of them offline... So very disappointed in F1 Mobile Racing... I hope y'all can do better in 2022... It will either be great or a hilarious flop like '21... ✌ OUT

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