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Clutch Racing League

Season 3 driver sign-ups now open!
Tier 1 races on Saturday's 19:30 CEST and Tier 2 Friday's 19:30 CEST

Clutch Racing League is a PC operated F1 22 league which welcomes drivers of all levels looking for a fun league racing experience.

Join through the following link:

We have a fair and clean environment for everyone and anyone to race in. We promote keeping racing clean and do our best to ensure that this happens between all drivers.
We have professional management and talented drivers so if you're interested in driving clean and having fun please join!

What we offer:
A clean high quality racing environment for everyone regardless of pace or skill.
Knowledged and professional stewarding team
A growing league
And above all else a great community 

Format/Racing settings:
> 50% Race length
> Full qualifying
> Equal performance
> Rules and Flags are on
> Collisions are on
> Vehicle Damage Reduced
> Ghosting is on
> Car Setup Full
> Safety Car Reduced (Immersive)

> Corner Cutting Strict
> Race Starts Manual (Immersive)
> All assist are allowed except pit assists, steering, DRS and ERS
> eSports pit release


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