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[PC] Looking for drivers..

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Zero Lives Left are currently looking for drivers to join us for GRID Autosport on PC. 
While the name doesn't fit for a driving game we're an already established group who play across multiple games on PC, PS3 and PS4 and wanted to stick by our name.

Our members are all aged 18+ and based within the EU.
We do ask that members have a working microphone and are able to join us on Teamspeak.
We are not class specific so if you enjoy racing any class or just want to come along for a laugh then contact me on Steam: Swifty0489

Although GA has only just been released I'd like to point out that in the future we will also be moving to other Codemaster Racing games such as DiRT & F1 2014.

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Do you have a website, if so what the website address. Are you clean (as possible) racers?

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