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Trophy Problem - Not Getting when Should Be


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Loving F1 2015 it has been hooked on Championship Season currently, playing as Felipe Massa on Legend with Manual Gears and all aids off except Traction Control.

In my third race, the Chinese GP I managed to get Third Place. The PS4 crashed just after I went over the finish line!!! Very annoying, however thankfully I had saved the game about 1 lap before the end so didn't have to go back too far. I tried again, and it crashed again after going over the line for third place. Third time, it hesitated but didn't crash. I took third place (my first podium). 

I should have received the Trophy 1,2,3 Podium AND One Aim trophy here, but didn't get them. I have had other trophies no problem throughout the game, both before and since.

In the fifth race at Barcelona, I actually won the race. I still didn't get the podium or One Aim trophy! In Canada, finished second, still nothing.

So what is going on here? Can somebody at Codemasters help? I suspect that when my game crashed it was in some way linked to the Trophy loading, and it has glitched both those trophies somehow. Whether that was the cause or effect I don't know. Either way it is frustrating.

Is there anyway around this? 
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  • Codemasters Staff
The code should try to unlock the trophy each time you achieve the requirements and just stops if it thinks you already have it. It's possible this is what's happening, but I've no idea how you could fix that because your profile must be saying you have it when you don't. You could try downloading your profile again or forcing a trophy sync but I've no idea how you would do that.
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