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Grid Legends XSX Trial - crazy engine braking


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For some reason on the Xbox version, when you take your foot off the gas there’s some crazy auto slowdown. Video here (sorry for lack of sound)



You can see there are no brake lights and the slow down is very quick. Then I do the same with braking, and it’s quicker (which is right) but without braking feels too fast. 

A friend checked on the PS5 version, and it does exactly what I’d expect it to, video here: 


I assume it’s something wrong with the Xbox version, I can’t find any settings (there aren’t many to choose from), so not sure what’s going on? Safe to say I won’t be buying the full version as it’s kind of not working properly. 

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just to add it here as well, same for the PC Version (Steam)






Unfortunately an incredibly disappointing experience so far. Personally I was super stoked for another GRID release.

@CMTGK Maybe you could bring some insight into this?

At least acknowledgement of the bug from your side and a statement that it is being investigated would go a long way here.

This silence already makes me regret my pre-order.

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Just looked to see if anyone else was encountering a ridiculous level of engine breaking and came across this post. I find it so aggressive on some cars I lose the back end!! And with no in game settings for it I hope someone will do something about it. 
playing on pc.

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It will be fixed in the next patch. 

In the meantime, try this fix:

"I fixed it by resetting the assists page, selected 'restore default settings' and then turned down Traction Control, Stability Control, and ABS options (but not all the way off)."

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