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FOV Settings?


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If you search your install for a file called eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml, you should be able to edit it, and set the FOV to whatever you prefer.

We intentionally reduce the FOV in some cases, to prevent clipping, and excessive stretching of the peripheral screen elements, but if you don't mind that, you should be able to set a wider FOV with no other problems.

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Hi GraphicsGuy,

I'm wondering if it was your goodself that I met at the Community Feedback day last October or one of your colleagues, we had a good chat that's for sure.... anyway, regardless.....

I don't have eyefinity, but I do have a rather large 21:9 curved screen running at 3360x1440.

Is there anyway to force the eyefinity settings/FOV file even when using a single screen as I can't play GAS currently due to FOV being incorrect for me. (should be 79 vertical FOV for my setup)

I see an entry in hardware_settings_config.xml :

<eyefinity force="" osd="" />

Can I use this and if so, what do I need it set to, to force the settings to use the adjusted FOV in eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml to be used by the game?


A quick peek at my screen: http://www.mrpix.co.uk/ProjectImmersion

I'd like play GAS and put some vids up, but just can't do it without modding every cam file and I just don't have the time.

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Wow that's an amazing setup!

You've found the correct bit in the hardware_settings_config.xml, but it's not obvious what to type in there!

You can force a few eyefinity modes, which will enable the other xml file to work, so you can override your FOV.

Put one of these in the force="X" bit, and 'p' means portrait:

"3x1", "5x1", "3x2", "3x1p", "5x1p", "3x2p"

If you want the HUD squashing into the middle third, pick 3x1, otherwise you probably want 3x1p. Then you can edit that other file for your FOV :)

PS. I don't think it was me who spoke to you at the Feedback day last year - must have been one of my collegues!

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Wow man just watched and that looks so awesome...

Please tell us what is the make / model and specs of that monitor and approx price ... I am guessing you are in the US ?

ps. I loved your cams for Grid and always chose the latest you offered,  that was you also wasn't it ?

I am really hanging out to start my career and race online but waiting for the Nvidia 3Dvision fix ... also have an Oculus Rift DK2 on order and expecting that in 4 ~ 6 weeks maybe sooner so I hope that works and gives similar experience to what you have there :)
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Hi Roger, yeah, the actual screen surface is made from hardboard (Masonite), 1/16" (3mm) and spray painted mid grey :), the frame from some recycled wood from a bedframe cut out with a wood router... cost (in the UK) was approx. £30 for the screen including board (£5, paint £15 and glue £10. projector was about £800 though lol.

oh and yes, it was me who had did some cam files for the community on Grid1/2... among many others.

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Yeah they were good cams and only usable ones with 3Dvision for me.  That BENQ projector looks nice and when I showed my wife and daughter your youtube video they thought it was a real car driving ... the dashboard makes it look like you are really in the game racing for real !!!  Very cool video and you obviously have talent for making stuff ... looks like alot of fun !!!
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boons4 said:

Guys can someone pls pm me or teach me how to change fov n seat height in gas... I read few days on Internet. N I tweak till game crash. I using eyefinity triple. Screen... tks!

Sure, check my website tutorial out: http://www.projectimmersion.com/fov/howto.php?g=GAS
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