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New update : corner cutters beware!!!

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Only tried two races and cut some chicanes (Monza & Montreal ) to see if they’ve fixed it. And yep!! Now if you want to cut a chicane at high speed, it’s not going to assist at all. 
Tried the last chicane at Montreal, as you could fly through it, get a small penalty and then accelerate and pass your opponent if they did the right thing. I’ve lost plenty watching others doing forcing you to ‘cheat to compete’. 

i noticed now the engine penalty is looooong. I cut Montreal final chicane and had a penalty all the way to the start line. So some lap times aren’t accurate any more. 

Well done codemasters!! Finally listening. 

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  • Ruddman changed the title to New update : corner cutters beware!!!

Ja, das gilt aber leider nur für UNS!

Gegner können scheinbar so oft schneiden, wie sie wollen!

Obendrein haben gegnerische Fahrzeuge wohl auch solch starke Motoren, dass sie einem auf einer Gerade (z. B. Zandvoort) direkt 2-3 Sekunden abnehmen können!

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