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Dirt Rally. 0 Points needed for rank up

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I recognized that it happens, when two (or maybe more) players have the same score in the career/tournament and the player ranks 4th, he gets the message, he needs zero points to rank up (see picture in german).

This is somehow irritating and frustrating^^ I guess it will not happen often, so it's more a hint for maybe a later part of production where such things can be fixed

Good Night

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In the carreer you can rank up at the end of 5 rallys. So you switch to open, clubman etc.
I had 50 points, and another driver had 50 points. He ranked 3rd, and I 4th. So i didn't rank up to the next carreer level. The game tells you how many points you need. In this case it were zero...

Maybe it's a feature or a bug. Just wanted to notice because it's confusing.

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OK, I think I got it.

You just get a draw result with the AI 3rd possition. Both with 50 points.

To promote to the next difficulty level, you need to end between 1st and 3rd.

In case of draw, rules are applied like in real life. The "winner" is the one how has:
- most 1st positions
- most 2nd positions
- etc.

Seems like the AI driver got better results than you. Because of that, it taken the final 3rd place. For example, if AI got 2 #1 finish position at stages and you have just 1 #1, AI get the position.
If number of 1st positions are the same, 2nd positions are counted and compared...

The message you obtain is ambiguous, because its true, you need 0 points to promote.. but the points are not the problem. The problem is you are 4th and thats not enough.

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