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YouTube still giving copyright out on F1 video game

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Hi I have been making YouTube videos since 2016. My problem is that all video games from F12018, F12019, F12020, and F12021 I have been copyright from when I go live to the end of my videos I have turned off the music in all games but still get A copyright problem so my question is to codemaster? Why do you keep making video games on F1 when your just hurting your own self when people get copyright it makes people not want to buy your games.  In my opinion you can't keep trying to compete against other game developers this way when your copyright people from making videos on your games I just believe it's a waste of my time and money to buy a video game just to be copyright and I have all your games that's $60.00 a piece for all so if you're not going allow people to make video's on your game's then stop making them.  I don't play a video game without going live on YouTube so this game isn't going to keep missing up my channel for your b.s this is why I stopped following F1 racing in anything.

I have over 1500 videos on YouTube

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In every video I do I put F1 and the year of the game for example F1 2021 video game # 1499 then I go live but their is no music playing but still get copyrighted. So do I need to put something else in the Title besides F1 2021 video game to avoid getting copyright.

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