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DiRTy Forumers League


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Welcome to DiRTy Forumers League. It's only for Codemasters forum members, so if you're reading this, chances are high you're one ;) If you want to join, please read the rules below.

League link: https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/leagues/league/22715/dirty-forumers

League format:
- 72 hours for each event
- 8 stages per event
- service stations on 1st, 2nd, 5th and 8th stage
- checkpoint only on the 1st stage
- Career Engineers enabled
- Cars are fully upgraded regardless of your career progress
- Season theme decided by community vote on this thread
- All assists and controller types allowed

All posts in Forum League Thread are about the Forum League only and in English language
- You need to be at least "Unleaded" rank on the forums to be able to participate
- No practising for the league, excluding getting upgrades to the car through championship and running stages for optimised setup (but please keep it to one stage only)
- No "hot lapping" the stages aka saving in the service and running next ones in custom event
- Requires forum activity from the entrants (at least in this thread), so it's an actual Forum league, not a "1 post Forum wonders" league
- Using ALT+F4 to quit from the stage and have an opportunity to restart it is not allowed. Those found of doing it will be automatically removed from the league without prior notice
- Car you choose for the first event is the one you're stuck with for the whole season (should make car choice more interesting that way)
- People who are inactive on forums will be removed from the league
- *Important
* In order to be added to this league you need to make a post with your SteamID and inform that you read and understand all the rules of this league

Enjoy your stay here, have fun, may the best be 2nd, since Porkhammer will win anyway and remember, it's about the journey, not destination ;)
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Splendid! Glad you chose 72 hours. And please no long stages at night, if the others don't object. These are just killing me. I always find myself wondering where the hell I am. Maybe it's my own private bug: Stages that mysteriously change at night...

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I crashed both dailies both yesterday and the day before... so yes, it's rather frequent.
You crash and I'll be there... waiting (or crashing as well)
Don't want to ruin your hope, but if he will crash, it's gonna be 20-30 seconds off his time, which means he'll still have around a minute of lead at the end of the event xD
Shhh! I'm trying to demoralize him, we need him to make more mistakes! lol

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Auduns said:
Nice work Ryu,  looking forward to this
Small thing, but kind of matters to me ;)
kobeshow said:
May I suggest we start voting for next season's theme ? (;
Sure. Here are the ones I thought for this time:
- "Voyage, Voyage"
- Mad at Front
- Easy and Hard, or Hard and Easy?

You guys have to unleash your "DiRTy Gossipy" skills to figure out which one means what, but I assume it's rather obvious. The name also includes weather conditions, keep that in mind ;) To vote simply post which theme you prefer, I'll be counting the votes manually.
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