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I decided to choose the Fiesta this time.

1st stage (Kakaristo) -  took it really neat and tidy but still managed to make a small mistake near the end which cost me around 5-7 seconds.
2nd stage (Kailajärvi) - pushed a bit harder without taking risks, because that's my favourite stage in Finland. Everything went really well and I was happy with my pace.

3rd stage (Naarajärvi)
- Doing everything nice and easy, because I was already feeling how all the components are taking damage.

4th stage (Hämelahti)
- I really enjoyed that stage, nothing more to say.

5th stage (Kontinjärvi)
- Finally, service time.. I didn't expect that every component is over 80%, so I was pleased with that. Now to the stage - started losing cooling and damaged my engine while driving, near the end of the stage I clipped a cliff next to the road and made small roll resulting in a puncture. Lost about 15-20 seconds.

6th stage (Jyrkysjärvi) - Clean run, but the car is a mess because of the last stage.
7th stage (Paskuri) - Another clean run, but the car started to make strange noises near the end of the stage, at least there's service before the last stage.
Before the last stage

8th stage (Pitkajärvi) - Finally, the last stage of the endurance. Played it safe, because my Fiesta was struggling with the pace and many other things. 
Overall: At least this time I managed to finish Finland without being inconsistent or in a bad mood in the end. Actually, I really enjoyed this event.
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Right rear puncture again for absolutely fuck-all, right at the start of the long stage. Retired.

I can't be arsed wading through bullshit to complete this event. I'm either having an unlucky day, or this is a common occurrence with these cars on these stages. 
Seems like my slenderman transferred on to you.
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Hey, just curious, does anybody make awkward facial expressions when they drive? As in Solberg's wide open mouth or Duval's tounge?

I find myself frowning and opening my mouth slightly.
Not sure about face, but I move my whole body to match how the car is cornering. With a gamepad. I know, I'm weird.
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I think these are reasons i'm not as fast as others.

However, and this is probably more to do with my chair than anything, i do find myself leaning all the way forward to the wheel when i don't really need to.  I'm wondering if it's my screen distance...
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