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Trying Cockpit camera


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Ok.  So I've been playing the game with TV pod camera. Decided to give cockpit cam a try......and I like it. I can still see me doing career races and challenges for now in TV pod because that is what I'm used to using. But I like doing TT and one off GP races in the cockpit cam. And realise that some settings need compromise to use them together. Like my preferred FOV setting is as forward as possible.....like nearly sat over the front wheels....but this aspect means that I can't see the wing mirrors.

And I'm not sure about using the camera movement and shake options. Halo is a no no......and what is near clip plane all about?

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If you are using a pad then you can look at the mirrors using the right analogue stick , if you are on a wheel then you can use both the wheel and the pad at the same time so you can assign the analogue sticks to Look Left Look Right however you want and then get creative to make it work for looking at the mirrors.

Camera movement and shake is for realism but it is no where near as strong as the jolting and movement that happens in real life. Most people turn it off because they are not up to the job, each to their own of course. Halo strut is essential as its there in real life.  Near clip plane is to adjust the positioning in case your selected POV makes part of the image disappear. If that isn't happening leave it at default setting. Regards Bingo.

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