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Hi guys! We're back and better than ever before! (Who were we before? Traders secret~ Those who used to be a part of the past will know the second you enter back ;P) 

Envision Racing League or ERL as we're calling it are a high performance league that caters to drivers of all craft and performance. However as we are getting back into the groove of things we are starting small in terms of structure. We have adapted to the times of change what with the Covid pandemic and other related items that I will not express for better of public interest. More-or-Less we are back and incorporating more games and opening out to other platforms to give our people a good chance to race with some of the best.

The games included are:


F1 2021 (Ps4/5)
Gran Turismo 7 (Ps4/5)
iRacing (PC)

and maybe others as we come along. So as it stands our F1 division from the Ps4/5 side has all but five drivers left to fill up a complete tier to start off our first season! This is great but we can advance the system along in preperations for Season 2 of which with 12 races per season isn't that far off.

All events (PC and Console) will begin on the last week of April starting into May and will conclude roughly at the end of July start of August. So there isn't much of a waiting period and of course reserving is always a factor in these events. 


Unlike our previous mantle the F1/F2 divisions will be running on the same day and the day has changed from what used to be 9pm CEST on Saturday nights to 9pm CEST Friday nights for the F1 division and 11pm CEST Friday nights for the F2 division. This means the GT7 Leagues operations will be the same times but on the Saturday rather than the Sunday. (Ironically I'm using CEST though I am from the good ol Kiwiana country of NZ lmao)

In anycase these times translate to:

7am New Zealand Daylight time on Saturday mornings
5am Australian Eastern Daylight time on Saturday mornings
8pm UK time on Friday nights
3pm Eastern Standard time on Friday afternoons
12pm Pacific Standard time on Friday afternoons

Then the F2 department being at 11pm CEST Friday night translates to:

9am New Zealand Daylight time on Saturday mornings
7am Australian Eastern Daylight time on Saturday mornings
10pm UK time on Friday nights
5pm Eastern Standard time on Friday evenings
3pm Eastern Standard time on Friday afternoons. 


Right now we don't have anything going in the way of assists in terms of what can be allowed on and off, that will come when we find a good divide between assist users and no-assist users (and this time we mean no-assists right down to no racing line)

However the following assists will be restricted off:

Pitlane speed limiter
ERS assist
Fuel assist
Braking Assist: Full 

Beyond that it's good. 


Joining is simple! Follow this discord link here: https://discord.gg/WTu2d6XSf5
From there you will head to the #league-application room where you will be able to say where you want to go whether it be F1 for console, F1 for PC, or even if you have GT7/iRacing and are planning to go there just say that, from there you will be given the role suited to your position and you will then head to the respective registration there to position for a team if any are available or for a reserve position if not until Season 2 begins.

We made some silly mistakes in the past, some that we have rectified and some we are still working on. But we'd like for you to give us another crack to deliver some great racing for you guys and bring back the glory days! See you then! 




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We will be also hosting our world famous Sprint Mode Championship as well to kickstart our return! 3 laps of simulation damage, no rules and a system of anything and everything goes over the 23 tracks + short versions will create a humerous and crashtacular spectacle! So joining in soon will guarantee you a chance to race in our glorious event on Easter weekend! 

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While our F1 division is doing good in terms of numbers for a full lobby. Our F2 division needs a few more drivers to complete the set

This being the 2021 F2 cars of course not a division below the F1. The F2 cars run at 9am NZDT Saturday which is 10pm UK time Friday night, 11pm CEST Friday night, 5pm Eastern time (USA) Friday afternoons

If this is up your alley we'd love to have you!! 

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The PC side is starting to fill up which is good for us! But we can go all the way! We have a destined start of April 30 for all departments! (If grid slots are applicable to a decent grid which the console at least has so far for F1 [F2 need more lol]) 

So if you think the times suit and are eager to helping an old league find its feet again! Come join today! 

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We have 3 seats remaining in the F1 Division (Ps4/5) of which are:
2x Haas
1x Alpine

We have 12 seats remaining in the F2 division (Ps4/5). 

We also have 15 seats remaining in the F1 Division for PC so plenty there for the choosing. (I should note that the PC times/days might not be the same as the console edition as it's under different management to the console side therefore could be subject for difference)

If this fits your criteria in either console or PC. Then by all means come join us today as time is running out before lights out at the Imola GP for Round 1 of Season 1 of Envision Racing League! 

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Okay so in PC terms we have established a Saturday night UK/CEST dayframe for racing. Times up in the air at the moment but we can at least establish a day. This being Saturday night for UK and Europe, this would mean Saturday afternoon/evening for the US and Sunday morning for NZ and Australia.

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Next weekend we kick off the league with the Sprint Mode Championship! This is our prized event and it's loads of fun! It will be live streamed on our channel and you'll be able to see the laughs as we take each other out and have fun doing so! 

But beyond that it's all seriousness as we mark the 2 week countdown before it's lights out at the Imola GP for Round 1 of Season 1 of ERL! Don't want to miss out? We have 3 seats in the F1 and 12 in the F2! Get in while you can! 

As well as this our PC F1/F2 seats are filling up so don't miss out! Get in and be part of our return to the big leagues! 

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2 weeks left before we get underway but we have one week before our sprint mode championship for Easter! This will kickstart our league with a bit of fun. But we have 3 seats left for our PS4/5 F1 division, 12 in our F2 division and 15 seats in our F1 PC edition so if we can fill these up for our first season that will be great! 

So don't dilly come and join us today! 

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UPDATE: Gonna start these up again just to let people know where we are at ahead of our first season race opener. 

F1 Division Console now only has 1 seat remaining at Haas, up for grabs but time is running short, anyone who doesn't get in time can always apply as a reserve as these are 12 race seasons as opposed to our old fashioned nature of all races. But yeah, 1 seat left
F2 Division console has 10 seats remaining. So we're getting there but we're not getting there fast enough! If you like the 2021 F2 cars then please come and have a whirl!


And finally our F1 PC division still requires 15 drivers to get a season start. I know there are people out there wanting to have a crack at this. So please do, we are very professional on all our fields and will take care of you no matter the case!


As stated we are also in the works of a GT7 TCR style league and iRacing of course is on the table, so if you are interested in those fronts. Come join us today!! 

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We have completed our F1 division! Anyone who joins up now will make up the reserves! But if we can get another 20 drivers in during the season then a smaller season for them wouldn't be off the cards until Season 2 where we can then decide a two tier system. But for now the F1 division for console (PS4/5) is complete! 

F2 cars are now at 11 meaning we have 9 left so grab them while they are still available! 

We managed a 6th driver for the PC division meaning we need another 14 to go before we fill that! 

But we only have 2 weeks left so if you want to race in the PC department get in and if you like the F2 cars and can race at the allotted times then join us today! 

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Got my weeks mixed up, we have two weeks starting this week to go before we kick off for Season 1 as a result we will be having a second sprint mode this weekend to cut the time! 

But we still need 9 more for our F2 console division with the F2 2021 cars and still need 14 more people for our PC department so if you can do either at the allotted times then please join up! Come be a part of something once big but planning to be bigger than before! 

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we need 8 more drivers for our F2 division! So plenty of spaces left!

As well as our 14 required to fill the grid for our F2 and F1 division on PC! 

Don't forget we also have Gran Turismo 7 and iRacing Leagues here too so if you are a PC user and using iRacing or using GT7 on PS4/5 then come join us! 

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A great start to our first season went ahead! Unfortunately our PC department failed to have the amount needed to start, so let's try to get that fixed up for Silverstone!

We require 12 more drivers for the PC Department

We still also require 7 more drivers for our F2 division! So if you like the F2 cars don't hesitate come join us! 

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Based on our current trajectory of this, the PC side looks like it might be getting disbanded in a bid to focus purely on the Console side, there will be still access to PC leagues via Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing but the F1 aspect might look to be scraped due to lack of interest. So keeping to a trend however

Still got plenty of space for our F2 division so if you want to race there come right in! 

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Well it's looking more and more likely the PC League is going to be dissolved so if you're PC I probably wouldn't bother now. But if you are Ps4/5 and like the F2 cars then come along and join up! There are still prospects of getting a seat in F1 as long as drivers fail to meet their 3 race unexplained absences! So come while you can! As we draw closer to the halfway mark of the season we'll open registrations for Season 2 on F1 2022! How we determine this I am unsure as of yet! 

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  • EnvisionRacing changed the title to PS4/5 ENVISION RACING LEAGUE (ERL) | F1 & F2 SIGNUPS SEASON 1

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