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Where is the frackin Rear View Mirror?! ...Bugs and other stuff...

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First of all, I'm thrilled about the new handling. This is the best since, I don't know, Toca 2? 'Realistic' (for a Simcade) acceleration, breaking and cornering, not these ludicrous lightning speeds like GRID1. Finally it is kind of challenging to get a perfect lap, yet in a good environment, not like most Sims.

The AI is pretty weird to me. It's fantastic, how they use every mistake to attempt overtaking and how they agressively defend their position. BUT constantly pushing me off the track in a corner, while I have the inner line, or even on a straight is rubbish. Especially, as the stay on their line like a train. The can easily push you off but you can't do nothing, whilst beside them. Even greater, when they force you to cut a corner and you get penalized for cutting track.
So in general the best AI I've ever seen, but way too agressive. Please adjust!

Now the REAR VIEW MIRROR!!!! Where is it?! You went to a semi-Sim and forgot that, again? The arrows to indicate positions are in no way adequate, especially with the agressive AI, that suddenly appears behind you and pushes you off. It can't be that hard to implement that simple thing. While driving in '3rd-Person' it isn't that much of a problem as you can see what's happening right behind you. But in every other view? No chance! In Online Racing I'd like to know what's happening behind me aswell. People drive crazy, forget to brake and stuff... the arrows are too late to react to that. So PLEASE fix that! Real Race Cars have mirrors, too!

The career...
I like the qualifying and double races, but what I don't like are my possible choices. Regardless of my success, in every new Season I can choose between a horrible and a bad team. The second driver is always a rookie, that wouldn't last longer than 3 races in any real team. I only had ONE season so far, where my colleague actually was able to hold a front position in race two, after finishing the first, as usual in the bottom 5. That's not very creative. Having Ravenwest as choice after finishing that particular season doesn't help. There is no variance in tracks, when replaying the season. That already bothered me in GRID. Reshuffle the tracks so that it is more rewarding and motivating to replay a season. For the first time ok, static tracklist, but after that give us at least the choice to shuffle tracks.

so far the only really annoying thing is the wrong timing in qualifying. When doing my lap and anyone else leads the board, my gap to the leader rises (positively) in every sector, but drops after crossing the line. It's like
S1: -0,500
S2: -1,800
S3: - 4,000
and after crossing the line it's -1,300
And no, it is not me driving crap in the last sector, that happend in EVERY single qualifying I've driven so far in touring. When I try to beat my own time after a good lap, the gaps are correct, but as soon as some Ravenwestler beats me it's back to rubbish sector times...

Another thing is corner 11 in Spa (the 90° between Rivage and Pouhon) in reverse. I get 60fps with vsync all the time in the game, no matter what happens on track or where I drive. But as soon as I approach that corner, frames drop about 30% and I get real stuttering. Only turing off MSAA helped so far. But as it only happens there, I guess the track must be a bit buggy there.

So far, great game with little things that are bothering. But these are fixable, so please do this... and not as in GRID after 10 months, because stupid MS wants to do their own QA and holds everything up.
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I was racing Street at San Fransisco, had half the field lapped by lap 17 in a 25 lap race, and the game took a lap away, placing me in 7th. It was maddening. You are right about the AI being firmly planted on the track and forcing you off even when you have position on them. 
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Hi, I get the same as the OP.

Driving on Melbourne's longest left handed corner with the green wall on the left I get rear ended so hard that I spin 3 or 4 times whilst the bullet that hit me speeds on! What gets me is that I am accelerating at full throttle, and the AI is doing an impossible speed.
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