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Dirt Rally 2.0 Championship Reset


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The last two times I have attempted to play "Career Rally" in Dirt Rally 2.0, I have encountered what is known as the Championship Reset.

I get the following message in the attached screenshots and all my progress for the championship is lost.
This has happened to me the last *two* championships in a row. I am not able to finish the *main* gamemode of this game. Not because I am a bad driver. Rather because my progress just randomly sets for no reason at all.
A quick google search indicates this issue has happened since day 1 launch of the game.
This is quite frankly, embarrassing. How could a game have ever been released in this state? When players cannot even finish the *MAIN* gamemode for no fault of their own. It's insane. I don't understand how you can charge money for a game the player can't even complete for zero reason. 

The countless hours I've lost is just the cherry on top.

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