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Bear's Happy Place


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My poor head hurts from looking at F1 Forum-style threads being posted in our glorious corner of the internets, containing nonsense from people who don't quite realise that we're not living in an ideal world with unlimited resources and without copyright and general licensing laws.

So, you'll find me here, in my happy place. Feel free to join me if you're of clear state of mind. We can go fishing, and share tea! I do like tea. 

Oh no, that's coffee... I like coffee, not tea. Funny story actually...

Nah, I have nothing really - it just felt like a nice and flowing addition to the sentence. 

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I am with you Mr. Bear. Codies has released what has become my favorite driving game, the Sweden snowbank tech has exceeded my expectations, and it was a popular enough early access to release on consoles. Things are looking great for the series!

Don't worry tho, the boo-hoo bears will move to the next thing to be disappointed about.
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