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[DiRT Rally - BUG REPORT] Something is off at the start of Björklangen (Sprint) stage...


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I have already posted this issue on the V1.0 bug thread but I think it's worth re-posting here for organization, for developer notice, and for other people to be able to report their own experiences in regards to this bug.

What occurs? Well, take any car in the game and go to the Björklangen (Sprint) stage in Sweden. Set conditions to anything.
You'll notice that your car approaches the start line in a rather awkward manner. It seem like it's already having an accident of sorts, with snow being, occasionally, thrown up even. Then, if you check the car, particularly the right-rear side, you'll find it damaged. True, the damage seems to be only cosmetic but it's kind of annoying to start a stage with your car already bearing the marks of a mess-up you didn't cause.

That's it for this bug report, hope it gets fixed soon. @DeputyDiRT   @Hatward 
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