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Invitation to all you who are looking to join a small DR2 club with active championships (2000cc cla


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We have started on the 6th season of our championship and are looking for more rally enthusiasts. We are a small community with typically 15-25 participants per rally. This is a casual club that welcomes everyone. Don't worry about your skill levels, our club has a good mix already so there will be someone to fight against for everyone - or to just drive through casually :)

For season 6 we are using the 2000cc class for the first time (NOTE: The Citroën C4 is banned for this season due to its OP performance)

Link to our discord where you will find the club link, stats and to chat with the rest of us: https://discord.gg/fENSBY3JeB

Here we also talk about the WRC and other motorsports

Additional info about the championship:
- Each rally last for 7 days / New rally starting every wednesday / All 13 rallies are included in every season
- Hardcore damage is enabled
- Extensive stats such as leaderboard, overall stats for stage wins, rally wins, stage wins by country etc are published after every rally
- Power stage for the final stage of each rally

We hope to see you there! :D

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