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Grid 2 Readme Benchmark mystery

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recently due to me being intersted heavly in grid 2 i started looking for content inside game that isnt freely availble, and inside readme file theres the mention of editing benchmark mode so you can create any car races, heres the exacy quote:


You can also specify custom race-sets by listing track and car combinations. See the file example_benchmark.xml in the game's installation folder for an example. For further automation options, search the game's forums (linked below) for the word 'benchmark'.

and game forums link provides me there, but when i seach benchmark none of topics i found were about grid 2 benchmark mode, so i wanna know if that info still exists somewhere or is it completly gone
i can provide any reasearch i done to this point, but its only finding existing ai liveries

image of the readme entry


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What exactly do you need? Modded xml file? Or do you want to mod it yourself but can't find?

i already mod it myself but theres not enough info about doing it, so its mostly guess work, so that why i ask here to find more traction
i assume theres a list of all car ingame Tag (example camaro z28 tag is "c28", most you can guess but some dlc cars are hard) and liveries that fit them, or the name for stock livery, because if i try run benchmark mode without any livery then it endless load, same with wrong liveries, so i need liveries that would fit cars specificly, and dlc cars, (example of livery "dz_001" and for this fitting car is ford focus, if i chose a car that is not fitting it endless loads)

i found most liveries and car tags but assigning them to each other is pain and theres like over 7k combination from non dlc only


i assume theres a list of all car ingame Tag

could also be that engine converts the livery fit files with car files on some level and generates that, so also finding this convertion proces inside engine file would be usefull

also i found out autosport has similiar way for liveries, attract benchmark uses intel_001 livery

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