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[BUG] Weather effects are missing using SLI configuration.


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Codemasters/DeputyDiRT, please tell me when this bug is going to be fixed. I have been posting this very same report over and over again for the past months, and even after v1.0 it is still not sorted out. Last time I heard it was still under investigation by the team.. any ETA of the fix please?

Description of the issue:

falling rain effects are sometimes missing using a SLI configuration. This happens on any stage with falling rain enabled (Wales, Finland and Germany) but sometimes requires a simple restart of the stage to produce the bug or making it disappear. Quitting to the main menu and resuming the same stage can also cause this bug to (dis)appear. You can see the water splashes and hear the rain but the falling rain effect from the sky is absent. It is very random. Snow stages (Monte Carlo and Sweden) do not seem to be affected by this issue, but I am not 100% certain. This bug does not appear when SLI is disabled.

Again, please fix this bug.

System setup: i7-5960X, TITAN X SLI, 32GB DDR4 (nothing overclocked)

Game settings: Ultra preset, 1920x1080, 8xMSAA (all settings maxed, Advanced Blending OFF)

NVIDIA driver version 359.06 WHQL

DiRT Rally version 1.0.1

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