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PeteS. Logitech G29 wheel


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I have recently purchased a logitech G29 wheel, This wheel is meant to be supported by F1 2015, I am running Windows 10, I have downloaded the Logitech Gaming Software. I have the wheel set for 360 degrees of turn I have linearity set to 100% and Saturation at 30%. I have now got the car driving in a straight line (ish) but as soon as I turn the wheel the car the wheel becomes very light and the car is all over the place. Unless I drop the speed to first gear the car is undriveable. I have tried running the wheel with the Force Feedback On with wheel weight 100, Environment FB 60, FFB strength 75, but I get to much judder on the wheel especially when trying to corner. 

Is anyone else out there experiencing the same problems with this wheel, when using on PC, or has anyone any solutions to the problem. ????
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