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Gear 8 Racing! Now with Prizes


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Platform: PC
Gear 8 Racing is a newly founded F1 2021 PC Racing League. We have a active and fair staff team and a amazing active community! We strive for a competitive style of driving that is safe and clean. Our goal is to become a league well known for its fairness, community, and racers. We hope to see you on the grid very soon!
Currently we are searching for drivers, reserves, engineers, team principals, editors, commentators, and media management!
Division 1 Friday's at 20:00 CET - Short Qualification and 50% Race Now with prizes! P1: $50 USD
P2: $30 USD
P3: $20 USD
Additionally, the team principal of the team that wins the constructors championship will be awarded $20 USD.
Award will be given via CashApp, PayPal (or crypto depending on type and circumstances)
Additionally, all 3 of the top finishers will receive a free copy of F1 22 (thanks to a donor that wishes to remain anonymous).
The free game prize will not be in effect during season 2
So join us today to get the chance to win!
We have equal performance on and all assists off except the following which are all optional:
Anti-Lock Brakes
Traction Control
Dynamic Racing Line
Simulation Settings are as follows:
Surface Type: Realistic
Recovery Mode: None (You are not allowed to reset to the track in any sort of way ONLY EXCEPTION IS IF YOUR CAR GET STUCK ON A CURB)
Damage Sim: Standard
Race Starts: Manual
Ghosting: Off (Even though it is off re-enter safely and do NOT ignore blue flags)
Rules and Flags
Formation Lap: On
Safety Car: Reduced
Parc Fermé Rules: On
Briefing/Drivers-meeting before every race (MANDATORY ATTENDANCE!)
Join Gear 8 Racing today, we look forward to meeting you.
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