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Logitech G27 steering issues

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Hi all

Sorry for my bad english but i'm trying to explain my problem as good as possible.

My Problem is, my Logitech G27 is not running properly... In turns sometimes it doesn't answer. I can turn the wheel but the car drives straight forward. Or it vibrates in driving straight forward so strong that i loose the controll over the car. Anybody knows this issue? In Dirt 3 i had the exact same problem. What can that be?

regards memoric
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You could try updating the wheels drivers, or uninstalling the old and reinstalling a new download from Logitech.

A support request to CM may help as well.

I have a DFGT myself (G27 in the post) and had to update the drivers once when the wheel was acting funny. Might help might not but who knows?

GL anyways getting it sorted the games a joy to play with a wheel :)
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