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I want to make a native language patch for dirt rally 2.0, can anyone help? Grateful


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I don't know for some reason, there is no Chinese nor Chinese road book for dirty rally 2.0, the dirt rally series has many players in China, but the Chinese patch of the existing game interface is terrible, so we really want to be able to make a Chinese patch by ourselves , so I very much hope that the official or others can provide help. At present, we have made a Chinese pacenote tool, which may be available to players in other languages in the future, just need to replace the audio in their native language. I very much hope that the official can provide a way for us to translate the text in the game by ourselves. We will be very grateful, and we also very much hope that there will be Chinese texts in future dirt rally games. If there is no official relevant person to do this, I think many of our players are happy to help.

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