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[BUG] Voice Instructions wrong! Dirt Rally (German language)


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Dear Dirt-Team,

now with Version 1.0 I started a new career after the Early Access phase, hoping most errors are fixed now.
Probably it´s like that, but with the german voice of the Co-driver I still have found bugs! I even reported the second one some half year back! What a great bug handling!!

Therefore I ask you to check the voice of the co-driver for all tracks. But I have found this two issues after playing for around 45 minutes:

- Route de Turine Descente: Suddenly the voice changes to the old one from the early acess phase (or is there a second co-driver in the car???) and all given instructions are wrong! Happens after maybe half the track.
- Pant Mawr: Just at the beginning he says "Turn 90 degress Right!" but it must be "90 degrees LEFT!" - This I reported half year back! PLEASE fix this bug, thanks!!

Also there are some shadow issues when using VSR (1440p) on my 1080p monitor. I´m using Windows 10, 64 bit, R9 290X.
Thnaks for fixing this bugs!
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