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No more progress ?


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Ya'll !

Ive just made it to Pro level in career mode, but suddenly im doing 10-20th place, and thats not so fun.

I was wondering if I need a wheel for further progress and that a controller wont do it?

Or are there other ways to to do better?

Why am i suddenly so far behind?

I hope its not more treads on this, and Id appreciate all replies.

Have a nice day


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Because the AI is extremely inconsistent and overpowered

With inconsistent I mean that they wanted at dirt 4 or dirt rally 1 I dont remember but I think its actually both, that they wanted to see with Group A Cars in finland a time that was good enough for alltime leaderboard top 100. And that on PRO level. There is still 2 higher ones, while with an other car type I got on highest skill level in finland the first place.

while WRC 7 (I only know that wrc game) the ai always did reasonable times and was very consistent and really felt like a fixed difficulty level.

I also dont like that in Dirt Rally you have to re-play the very same championships and just the difficulty level is higher (I dont know if its the same in DR2, I didnt play its career yet)

I liked the dirt 4 career a lot more. A fixed difficulty level instead of progression (did they ever think about weaker players? They wont be able to finish career at all if dirt rally wants to beat every difficulty level), then with the yourstage system every stage was a new one, and the team management was cool too.

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Thanks for taking time out, apprciated.

That makes a lot of sense, I just tried the dirt4 now, and went 1st on the hardest setting.

It was playing a different game, which it is I guess, but that the difference was gonna be that huge I didnt see that coming

Have a nice day Sir(ene)



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