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RRL-Random Racing League | Season 2 | JOIN NOW! TUESDAYS 6PM | 2 Races/ Session, chosen Randomly!😅


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Heeeey, welcome to the Random Яacing League - the most serious Racing League on the Internet!..

Haha, don´t worry, this is not going to be like your normal sweaty F1 League where you need to practice every day two weeks in advance to be up to speed. 😬 In the Random Racing League we pick the 2 Races right before we open the lobby. So, if your best tracks don´t show up, you can simply blame it on the "wheel of fortune" ...or misfortune? 
This League is meant to be for YOU, the F1 Fan, the casual F1 Gamer, competitive F1 Gamer, Friends and everyone who loves the excitement of close & fair racing. 
Yes we count the points and yes there is a championship on the line as well. 

But in all seriousnessnessness: this league is more than that! We discuss F1 topics, we get to know each other and in the end of the day we make new friends across the globe. 
So please, if you experience a race where you have been robbed of a great result or where you have taken somone out. Don´t be too stressed about it, talk to the person, report it and let FIA do the rest of it. 
Cause after all, we´re just a Яandom bunch of F1 & Racing Fans. 🙂 





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