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G930 Voice commands not working


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I am having issues with my Logitech G930 headset for voice commands. 
It was working and i could talk to my engineer, fun times. Lately (maybe after last patch, unsure) it has stopped being recognised or is being disabled in the game. An information text appears briefly top right of screen at the "Main Menu" to inform me "Voice Control Disabled" with an icon of a red headset. In game it is red circled out.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, used the kinetic installers to try different languages with out success

Mic still works and is recognised and tests fine on the Steam Settings / Voice tab. Although i haven't tried a multiplayer race, my sound bars go up when i talk in the lobby. This suggests it is recognised by the game?!

Any ideas welcomed.

Steam build version 854157

My system is Win 10 Pro 64bit,
i7 2600k,
16gb ram,
R9 380 4gb,
Driving force gt wheel,
g930 headset

Cheers, Gareth
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