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[PC] SFR - Realistic Performance F1/F2 League with Stewards, Team Principals, Contracts, and more...


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https://discord.gg/Y6GWqfeWtx -- Discord link
https://simhaven.org/ -- our website
https://www.twitch.tv/simhaven -- our twitch

SFR is part of the SimHaven family of racing leagues. We are a Realistic Performance league with light role-play elements, and an emphasis on clean racing, enforced by diligent stewards. Drivers battle on track for a chance to impress Team Principals, whose decisions have to account for driver salaries, which, in turn, are based on ratings. Races are streamed and commentated on our twitch channel. We have about 5 weeks left in the championship, and we are planning to smoothly transition to the next game in the subsequent season.
F1 and F2 are interlinked—drivers work their way up through F2, earning Super License points.

F1 races currently take place at 7pm BST on Sundays. Full Quali, 50% Race
F2 races begin at 6pm BST on Saturdays. One shot Quali, 50% Sprint + Feature

Driver and Team Principal slots:

Currently, we are looking to fill some gaps in the F2 roster. F2 drivers, of course, have a chance to advance to F1. All Team Principal slots for F1 are taken, but many F1 TPs would appreciate help with their respective F2 teams.

For potential Stewards:

We could also use one or two more stewards, but that role requires some more involvement, and intermediate English skills. Reading comprehension test, you have to DM me (Gizmo) a banana emote on Discord before applying for a steward, that way I know you actually read this, lol. A steward must be a part of the community outside the incident discussions, not just a streamable clip evaluation machine. It goes without saying that stewards need to be able to present their reasoning clearly, and debate others when we can't reach a consensus.

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