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Zombie horror…. NO MORE!!!!

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God im so sick off  just about Every single player. non sporting game.  Being either  post apocalyptic;  zombie, virus horror.  I get these things come and go in phases but this has been going on for what seems like years.

I don’t care if the bad guys are aliens but let them be alive at least.  I miss game from Ps3 and early PS4 days.  Only action blow stuff up game that is  grounded in some sort off reality is COD.  And last decent campaign was black ops 2:    I got the new black ops Cold War.  Started playing the campaign looking forward to blowing 💩 up especially as Cold War era is when I grew up.  But instead I’m having to creep around and read Intel and solve  puzzles.   Ok cod campaigns  need a different approach. But this ain’t it. Black ops 2 was step in the right direction but then activision discovered that best way to aggressively extract every penny from its customers with  in game monetisation.  Wasn’t by making the single player campaign better and worth replaying. But to make it as short and as bland as possible.  So it got People playing multiplayer faster.


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