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In 2014 what would you like to see brought BACK into the game

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I for one still think 2010 was the best f1 game by codies yet, maybe the graphics were not as good as 2013 but the gameplay and online gameplay was much much better. for example of gameplay, when you pit you had to slow down for pit lane entry or you got a penalty and when arriving at the team box in pitlane you had to brake or you would run long into the box and lose time. all great additions to the gameplay experience. gradually over the last 3 years so much has been stripped out of the game and its losing its appeal especially online. I cant be the only person to think this about the online aspect of the game as in comparison to 2010 the online multiplayer is always so quiet, I think its the same few hundred people that play regularly, for an example of online gameplay, the lag in 2013 compared to 2010 is a step back whatever way you analyse it, I thinks its all to do with the step up to 16 online players from 10. the difference in the cars is extreme when set to equal, the difference between wheel users and pad users are extreme, as is assists and non assists, another thing i'd like to see rectified is the way your car slows down when someone pushes you off the circuit on a straight and the car automatically slows right down, its a massive advantage to dirty racers who ram and weave on the straights, and on some corners you cant cut 1 wheel over a line yet on other corners you can just totally cut the corner, seems to me like the game punishes you more for running wide after a corner exit rather than cutting the actual corner itself.
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I would certainly like next F1 game to be all about the classics. If F12013 has featured something really good, and a joy to drive btw, that has been the classics, plus those classic tracks too.

The way I play and enjoy F1 2013 the most is certainly like this. I Grab an '80, or '90 car, drive on all the 4 FANTASTIC classic tracks all the time in time trial mode, beating my times, returning to the garage to tune the car differently, etc., Here is where I found the actual F12013 strength, making the game worth buying it.

I would love an all out classic f1 game with those REALLY FUN to drive cars, and a full season of classic tracks (inclusing these four). You know, these new tracks like the circuit of the americas, the indian one, yas marina..., they are the shi*.
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