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XBOX Formula X Racing season 4 registration


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Welcome to Formula X Racing league we would like to welcome you to the league as we prepare for F1 22 new regulations and new challenges awate, with this in mind here is the information about our league. The start date is TBD due to potential issues at game launch but will be a few weeks after launch date.

What days do we race?

Friday Tier 1 20:00 UK time, 21:00 CET
Friday Tier 2 20:00 UK time, 21:00 CET (IF WE GET ENOUGH DRIVERS IN)

What does the season look like?
Well our season will be a 14 Race season with at some races a sprint race ahead of the race.


Lobby option:

-Car performance: equel

-Car setup: full

Assist Restrictions:

-Braking assist: Off

-Anti-lock brakes: On/Off

-Traction control: Medium/off

-Gearbox: automatic/manual

-Pit Assist: Off

-Pit Release Assist: Off

-ERS Assist: Off

- DRS Assist: Off

Weekend Structure:

-Qualifying: Full (15 or more drivers)

-Session Lenght: Long ( 50%)

Weather and Time of Day:

-Quick weather: Dynamic

-Session Start Time: Realistic


Rules & Flags:

-Rules and Flags: On

-Corner cutting: Strict

-Parc Fermé Rules: On

-Safety Car: On

-Formation Lap: On

Simulation Settings:


-Car damage: Simulation

-Tyre Temp: Surface & Carcass

-Race starts: Manual

-Collisions: On

-Ghosting: On


If you feel that you want to join please click the discord link below and contact an admin as well as filling out the application form in the discord.


Hope to see you on the grid

Formula X Racing Management

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