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[PS4/PS5] F1 2022: LON Season 12, 20.00 UK time on Sundays!


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We are LON, and just finished our 11th season. We drive on PS4/PS5 and will continue to do so in the new game. We are a bit different from other leagues: we use realistic car performance and balance out the field by giving slower people faster cars and vice versa to make it accessible for everyone! However, we do not sacrifice from the quality of racing or rules, so we want clean drivers.

Our lobbies start on Sundays at 8pm GMT, 30mins of practice, short quali and 50% race. Damage is on (but not on the harshest setting, since sometimes lag can be a problem) and we use strict corner cutting rules. We have our own stewards who look at incidents after the race and keep you updated on drivers’ standings.

We are looking for new, consistent and fair racers who would like to join our league in F1 22. We will keep a few weeks off after the new game launches so everyone gets a feel of the new handling etc., and will do a couple shorter practice sessions to see how everyone does. Feel free to join these with low threshold!

If you are interested to join a league where everyone can have fun and chat but still race seriously, feel free to contact PSN: The__Acehole or modernpoika or Glennos007 and mention you want to join the league! We have quite a few seats available again, we will do test sessions before assigning a car.

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