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Logitech G27's steering lock changes when pressing voice control and car status button in F1 2015


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Bug Report Form
Summary / Description of the Issue.
When using my Logitech G27 steering wheel and pushing the voice control or a menue button to change brake balance etc. the steering lock is changed from 360° to 900° until the button pressed is released and the steering wheel is turned further.


Game Mode.
All game modes

The Steps to Reproduce The Issue.
Just use a game mode of choice and use a G27 steering wheel with the latest profiler software. I also use a custom key binding.

What were you doing specifically when the issue occurred?
Pressing the voice control button

What is the Frequency of the issue?
Whenever a button like voice control, car status is pressed

Your recent history of races.
Pro Season, Max Verstappen, Torro Rosso, AUS until CHN GP, Dynamic wheater

How long was your current session?

What controller / wheel were you using?
Logitech G27

Also identify:

System Spec.
AMD FX 8120 8-core CPU
2x 8 GB DDR3 ram (Corsair)
AMD Radeon HD7900
Asus Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard
120 GB SSD Adata

Which graphics preset were you using?
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