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DTR Opens sign ups for F1 22 (PlayStation)


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Hello F1 22 Racers,

Bored of beating the same friends every race?
Fed up of arguing your way out of the Haas car to make the race equal?
Are you still being used as brake into turn 1 during open lobbies?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then keep reading!

DTR (Delta T Racing) would like to welcome you into a Sim Racing community for competitive league racing on the all new F1 22.
We have a well established league for racers of all abilities, Last season we raced with 5 full divisions which range from newcomers, all the way up to veterans trying to break into our very own E-Sports team.

Why DTR?
Every driver is assessed to ensure you are in a competitive league.
Our races are broadcast and recorded so your friends and family can see you up on the podium. We enforce fair and clean racing and you can get involved in practice races to prepare for your league races which allows you to meet new drivers.

Check your progress with your very own DTR statistics career document on the website and in the Discord server.
Example: https://www.delta-t-racing.com/driver/dtr_jari/

When do we race?
Practice / Rookie Races - Monday 8 PM (Uk Time)
All Divisions - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8 PM (UK time)

If life is busy, don’t let it get in the way of your Sim Racing hobby. You can sign up as a reserve driver if attendance every week is a struggle.

We’re an ambitious league that are looking to expand, so if you’re still reading why not sign up now?
Be sure to bring your friends along so you can beat them on stream and relive the memory for years to come!

All platforms are welcome (when Cross-Platform is released). Mainly we are on the PlayStation platform for now.
We look forward to seeing you in our Rookie races to give you your very first Divisional placement.

Meet the Drivers, Meet DTR.
We can't wait to meet you!

A few links to give you some inspiration of what DTR can offer you

Website: www.delta-t-racing.com/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/DeltaTRacingLeague (Over 250 subscribers!)


Join our Discord channel and make sure to sign up for next season which will be starting at the beginning of August. (dates will be communicated in the Discord!

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