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RPM Esports F1 Championship Division


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  1. NO joining fees, NO race fees & NO donations required..
  2. Very friendly and welcoming league community!
  3. All races live streamed with commentary and driver telemetry!
  4. Every driver will also receive their own LIVE in-race engineer dashboard from our TAS Telemetry system!
  5. Personalised Trophies every season for Top 3 Drivers and the 2 Constructor Champions.
  6. Extra prizes, competitions & events in-season provided by our league partners & sponsors.
  7. + much more...

Discord Link to join us and take a look around:


Looking to join a great friendly league to get into some very competitive F1 League Racing? Well why not check us at and see what you think, everyone is welcome at RPM and we now have a thriving community with some great racing. Take a little look at our YT channel and see some of our league races in action:


RPM Esports F1 MID-GEAR Is our medium tier of racing and is aimed and fast, clean and respectable drivers who want to race in a well organised and very sociable league whilst having awesome race battles at the same time.

Our CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISION drivers are all of a good and solid pace but not quite yet at real E-sports pace but nevertheless highly competitive. All our leagues are Equal Performance and main assists are allowed. Check our Discord for full details.

Races for the CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISION are held on Wednesdays each week at 19:45 GMT UK Time, lobby invites are sent at 19:30.

Feel free to check out our Discord server and have a look around and talk to any of our team about what we are trying to create at RPM, and if you like what you see we would love to welcome you into our league and community.

We hope to see you in our server soon!!

Take care and happy racing.

Lobby Settings are:

Lobby Settings for F1 2022 RPM Races

Race Distance = 50% Short Qualifying = 18 minutes

Weather = Dynamic

Corner Cutting = Strict

Assists Not Allowed = Pit (entry and release) , ERS , DRS, Braking (All others allowed)

Ghosting - OFF so we must all respect yellow flags.

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