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Right. So these two masterclass cars are pretty “equal” in game. The Ferrari having more power than the RB, while the RB18 has more aerodynamics than the Prancing Pony which obv helps on the long straights. As of right now, I only just updated the game like two hours ago, the Ferrari is WAY faster than the RB18. Now. I’m not saying I have the best setups but, the Ferrari is better. Right now, my Ferrari setup equals 2214 with 637 power, and 314 aerodynamics. My RB equals 2202 with 360 power and 624 aerodynamics. I decided to try Monaco as my first “test”. The RB18 went 1:07:444, the Scuderia went 1:05:881. And I went on at least 15 flying laps with each. So. This is just my take. The Ferrari is an overall better car to use in game than the RB18. (Also I haven’t spent much time upgrading I was only using the parts that I had available. Ik some of you are going to comment that I’m slow and stuff.)




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Why didn’t you do similar setups? Power / aero etc the same?

In the TR car at a PI of 2618 my best at Monaco is 1:04:94 with a middle sector on that lap nearly a second slower then my best on that sector (hit the wall twice).

So low 1:04’s if not high 1:03’s is possible for me I think. 

This year I think Leclerc got pole with a time around 1:11. Shows you how stupid this game is. 

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