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De-syncing since the latest patch (serious issue affecting online racing)


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Hi all, 

Have noticed that since the latest patch that league races are de-syncing much more frequently. Let me explain the issue: 

  • Everything is fine when the session starts, with all cars synced for their first qualifying runs 
  • After returning to garage, every other car will remain in the garage for the rest of the session regardless if out on track, and spectating is not possible (I just see the pitlane empty) - some drivers click 'drive out' but then get stuck as the guy who releases you seems to freeze. Sometimes he moves before the end of the session, sometimes he does not. 
  • In the race, there again is no issue till the first pit stops. At this point, some cars get stuck in the pit box for upwards of 100 seconds and AI cars leave the pits rather than the actual racer. 
We never had any of these issues before the patch, but they've been a regular and pretty much every single time since the latest patch only. 

Does anyone know how to fix/ know if this issue has been reported previously?

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