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[Logitech G29] Can't use wheel with GRID2 & GRID Autosport

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If I select "Direct Input Device" as the controller profile in GRID2/GRID:AS the accelerator is assigned to the Y-axis.

When the accelerator is released, the menus constantly scroll down.

When the accelerator is flat, the menus constantly scroll up.

I have to hold it at 50% to control the menus with the d-pad, and the button mappings are wrong. (Circle to accept, Square to cancel)


If I select "Keyboard" as a profile in GRID2/GRID:AS, I am able to remap all the game controls and the wheel works great in a race. Doesn't work in the menus.

But every time I quit and launch the game again, the controls are reset to the default WASD keyboard controls and I have to rebind everything.


Only GRID2/GRID:AS have this problem. Aside from the d-pad not working in the menus, DiRT2, DiRT3, DiRT Rally, and Race Driver: GRID all work fine with the wheel.

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Add me to this list. It's abit bad when you buy the latest wheels to find SOME games don't want to work correctly. 
Ive sort of got mine working by editing the direct input file but I shouldn't have to. This would be a minor fix for the developers. 
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Logitech in their INFINITE wisdom removed the Logitech profiler software, this means unless the game has support for the new Logitech Gaming Software anyone buying the G920 or G29 can ONLY play games from this list......

Assetto Corsa.
F1 2015
Project Cars
Dirt Rally
Eurotruck Simulator 2
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
rFactor 2
Shift 2 Unleashed
American Truck Simulator
and supposedly according to Logitechs site..... 
Grid Autosport.

It is posible to manually reassign some older games which allowed custom controller profiles etc but the reeal issue is this, Logitech have butchered the G27 and DFGT combining the features of both without making ANY changes to the hardware whatsoever!

It's EXACTLY the same internal parts as the old G27 yet without the profiler software that worked so well with titles from the noughties.....

I've had BOTH the DFGT and G27, the DFGT was great with strong FFB giving you a reasonable idea what the car was doing underneath you, Paradoxically the G27 FFB was weak and vague at best and non existent at worst, All I could get from it was suspension/steering load and kerb effects, yet BOTH used the same Logitech software....

I nearly got a G29 myself but the better FFB on the cheaper wheel dissuaded me and, after looking around I went for the Thrustmaster T300 GTE instead, BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE.
I can feel engine rpm effects, Non existant on G27
Car damage effects in the FFB that are different to the kerb effects, all effects on G27 feel no different
Impacts and their severity. instead of the same thump no mattter what you hit or how hard you hit it.
lightness in the steering when locking the brakes. the G27 FFB just goes off along with all other effects...

Now I hear horror stories of Dead wheels, lack of support from Logitech, retailers refusing refunds to pissed off customers claiming logitech will fix it.

looking around I've even seen retailers remove the G920 and G29 from sale one even has the G920 for pre order only @ £290 and G29 @ £179??????

Desperate to rid themselves of stock and discouraging pre orders with inflated prices?

The T300 is retailing around the £220-£250 mark, Yes it only has 2 pedals but you CAN get 2 different 3 pedal sets for £75-£150. It might cot a bit more than the G29 or G920 but at least it WORKS with ALL my driving games..........

P.S. Grid Autosport is no longer receiving support in the form of patches, which was announced shortly after the broken upgrades issue appeared (upgrades make NO change to the car performance of ANY car in the game! tested on a stock BMW taken to level 50 left stock timed @ indy oval upgraded and then timed again no difference in time or top speed)
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Guys, here is the solution to G29/G920 detection by Grid Autosport: https://forums.logitech.com/t5/Logitech-G-Controllers/Solution-for-Infinite-scroll-in-Codemasters-Games/td-p/1491786

Does not solve the undetected Clutch problem for G29 though. I emailed codemaster today about the clutch detection issue, after failing to find a solution online. Hope they have a fix other than the workarounds suggested by some by emulating a virtual joystick.

Anybody else with a fix to this will be a true hero to many!!! :)

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Hi Guys,

I think after a few hours of struggling I've figured out the solution for G29.
Here you can download the XLM files and the simple instructions.

For G920 you can find hints how to solve the issue in the readme.txt,
but I do not own one, so can not do it for you :)

I hope it helps! ENJOY!:)

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Late update. 
There is an xml which solves some of the problems. But still the car would steer and rev. But handbrake was stuck! I´ll paste the code below.
My sollution was to exhange the Logitech software for the newer Logitech G hub. Now it works flawless!

XML sollution:

First, open the file "lg_g27.xml" inside the "input" folder where Grid Autosport its installed:

Example: C:\Program Files\Grid Autosport\Input\lg_g27.xml

Make a backup of this file.

next, replace the contents inside of this file with the code below


<!-- Action map for the Logitech G29 --> <ActionMap name="lg_g29" device_type="{C24F046D-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" priority="0"> <!-- In Game Actions --> <Action id="Accelerate"> <Axis id="di_y_axis" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Brake"> <Axis id="di_z_axis_rotation" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Handbrake"> <Axis id="di_button_2" /> </Action> <Action id="Steer Left"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirLower" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Steer Right"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirUpper" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Change View"> <Axis id="di_button_10" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear Up"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear Down"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 1"> <Axis id="di_button_12" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 2"> <Axis id="di_button_13" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 3"> <Axis id="di_button_14" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 4"> <Axis id="di_button_15" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 5"> <Axis id="di_button_16" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 6"> <Axis id="di_button_17" /> </Action> <Action id="Gear 7"> </Action> <Action id="Gear Reverse"> <Axis id="di_button_18" /> </Action> <Action id="Clutch"> <Axis id="di_slider_0" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.1" saturation="0.8" /> </Action> <Action id="Look Left"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_left" /> </Action> <Action id="Look Right"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_right" /> </Action> <Action id="Look Up"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_up" /> </Action> <Action id="Look Down"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_down" /> </Action> <Action id="Look Back"> <Axis id="di_button_11" /> </Action> <Action id="Pause"> <Axis id="di_button_6" /> </Action> <Action id="Instant Replay"> <Axis id="" /> </Action> <Action id="Boost"> <Axis id="" /> </Action> <Action id="Reset Vehicle"> <Axis id="di_button_3" /> </Action> <!-- FE Actions --> <Action id="Menu Left"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_left" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Right"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_right" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Up"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_up" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Down"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_down" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Select"> <Axis id="di_button_0" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Back"> <Axis id="di_button_2" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Button3"> <Axis id="di_button_1" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Button4"> <Axis id="di_button_3" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Start Button"> <Axis id="di_button_2" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Left Shoulder"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> <Action id="Menu Right Shoulder"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Fe View Tweak Left"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirLower" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Fe View Tweak Right"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirUpper" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Fe View Tweak In"> <Axis id="di_y_axis" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Fe View Tweak Out"> <Axis id="di_z_axis_rotation" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <!-- Replay/Youtube Actions --> <Action id="Replay Rewind"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirLower" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> <Axis id="di_z_axis_rotation" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Fast Forward"> <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirUpper" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> <Axis id="di_y_axis" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Pause"> <Axis id="di_button_0" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Next Camera"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Prev Camera"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Jump In"> <Axis id="di_button_16" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Exit"> <Axis id="di_button_2" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay UI On Off"> <Axis id="di_button_1" /> </Action> <Action id="Replay Youtube"> <Axis id="di_button_15" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Drag Left"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Drag Right"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Speed Up"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_up" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Speed Down"> <Axis id="di_dpad_0_down" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Upload"> <Axis id="di_button_16" /> </Action> <Action id="Youtube Exit"> <Axis id="di_button_18" /> </Action> <!-- Spectator Actions --> <Action id="Spectator Next Camera"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Spectator Previous Camera"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> <Action id="Spectator UI On Off"> <Axis id="di_button_1" /> <Axis id="di_button_22" /> </Action> <Action id="Spectator List On Off"> <Axis id="di_button_16" /> </Action> <Action id="Cycle Forward On Board Cameras"> <Axis id="di_button_4" /> </Action> <Action id="Activate Replay System"> <Axis id="di_button_5" /> </Action> </ActionMap>


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