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[DiRT Showdown] Logitech G29 Wheel Doesn't Work


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The Logitech G29 wheel works with DiRT2, DiRT3, DiRT Rally, and Race Driver: GRID.

Support for the wheel in GRID2/GRID: Autosport is poor: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/38662/

I cannot use the wheel at all in DiRT Showdown.


I can map all of the controls to the wheel except steering left/right.

As soon as I map steering left or right to the wheel, which shows up as X-axis left/right, the game stops responding to any inputs from either the wheel or my keyboard and I have to quit with ALT+F4.

If I map steering left/right to the d-pad on the wheel as a test, everything else like the pedals works just fine in-game.

Force Feedback does not seem to be working at all either. I only get a single "vibration" slider instead of the typical FFB options found in the earlier DiRT games, and there is no feedback from the wheel at all.

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