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gnarl; you have to sweep your minions

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Hey this is directed to the wonderful creators of my games over lord 1 and two. i want to know if number 3 might come out don't get me wrong but i loved over lord for being one of the few single player games left i loved :'( . it seems like everything has to be multiplayer these days e.g god of war,fable,hit man, and now overlord the only reason i knew about overlord fellow ship of evil multiplayer is because i finally got the internet conected for my console and saw it in the play station store i did not even know it was there :'( . not to mention how many updates i have to do for my console now even though its a 1 terabyte console sheepie  >:) i bought both games on ps4 and 360 and try to support you guys by buying collectors editions when ever i can. i own a ps2,ps3;and two ps4 consoles and a 360 and xbox one so my gaming should be endless but every game i own has to have a linear 1 player but a great online multiplayer its kind of becoming a dying section of games i miss being evil and a single player .easy way to say i don't hate online multiplayer some people love clubbing and some don't it is a choice and a hard one e.g i loved x box then they came out with an entertainment package for online only so my x box one has nearly next to no games ;i loved god of war bought every game made and it got killed for online multiplayer it was one of the first games i played as well as the elder scrolls witch is now elder scrolls online, as well as fable online its sad because my consoles might end up on the clothes line and become antique i have played the new call of duty and its 'changed' but the puberty syndrome is still there profanity every second word yeah its funny but after 12 hours of the same idiot shooting you and swearing at you and hes on your team apparently and you get kicked for shooting the idiot in the face it gets old really fast. i love over lord and miss the minions and the humor so if you could please remember single players in the evil future that would be out standing. >:)  because evil always finds a way >:) :)>:) signed over lord fan 89 dont'''''''''' beat me:) BURN BURN'' p.s i own all of my stated games and consoles  and im not enraging anybody and no offense was ment and me not copying anything.so thanks for reading :)

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