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(Solved) Game Telemetry Dropped by SimCommander


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Description of issue: Experiencing complete loss of telemetry in SimCommander4 which provides FFB to the AccuForce wheel and SimVibe. This occurs after one play-session of Dirt Rally (one game launch).  Once I close DR, the next session will not have telemetry, no matter if Steam, PC, SC4, is restarted. It simply won't work until I delete the game profile within SC4 and create a new profile and setup the wheel and Simvibe from scratch. The game hardwareconfig.xml has been confirmed to be setup properly for use with SC4, checked, and re-checked.  The behavior is repeatable and consistent; it began after v1.0. release.

Possible triggers: Initially, DR 1.0 worked fine with SC4 for the first several sessions. The first loss of telemetry occurred after ending a session where I altered the games sound output from "flat" to "Headphones".
I reset the profile in SC4 and had telemetry back again and changed the sound output back to the default setting. The next session again had no telemetry in SC4 to drive the FFB or SimVibe.

Another possible trigger is related to the use of  Display mode "windowed". I'm using triple monitors and Nvidia Surround mode. SC4 settings access requires that the game be run in "Windowed Mode" to alt-tab from the game to SC4 and back. Since DR v1.0, any attempt to do so results in the game window minimizing and resetting to single monitor default resolution. This event also results in complete loss of telemetry in SC4.

I have also submitted a support ticket with SimXperience regarding the issue and they are investigating possible causes within SC4 but, this seems to be an uncommon issue. This led me to consider possible causes with my hardware but, nothing has turned up so far and other titles do not have the same issue.

Thank you for your attention with this matter.  Dirt Rally is a title that I find very enjoyable - well done.

Update: My issues were fixed by moving the sound-card for audio to a different slot on the Mobo.

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