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F1 2015 - XBox One - Controller/Far Chase view problem


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Good morning
Does anyone out there have an issue where, when setting custom controls with the XBox one controller, the far chase view doesn't show the camera as being from behind the car? My far chase camera shows the camera from the front and funnily enough this makes driving somewhat tricky! 
I've played around with view settings and controller settings and am getting nowhere! 
Am desperate for a fix.
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Good news for anyone else with the same problem! 
I have this morning reset my custom control settings and bingo!
When looking at the preset configuration, I noticed that the Right Stick LEFT/RIGHT options had 2 different jobs. Left Camera/Look Left and Right Camera/Look Right. When setting this the same in the custom mode, my camera angle of Far Chase works as it did on the old version! 
I am a happy chappy 
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