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Logiech G920 settings and calibration help


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Hi all, 

Got this wheel yesterday and I'm struggling with getting some good settings to use and also the brake pedal is stiff so braking is proving difficult. I've got the shifter as well so any settings for this wheel would be a great help! Also one thing that's puzzling me, is when I calibrate my wheel in Dirt Rally, it asks me to press all three pedals, does this mean at the same time as again the brake pedal is very hard to press! Any help would be great!

PS on the logitech software I've got the rotation set to 540 from 900. 

Thanks :)
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Hi @Spikecast - there's a number of G27 setups on the workshops (myself included) but that's mainly for FFB settings, if thats what you are after?  Also, make sure the logitech profiler is setup (guessing it is if you've set your rotation).  I imagine the g27/29 will have similar build spec so I'm sure the G27 profiles will work.  I have my wheel set at 540 too so similar settings to mine should work pretty good.

With regards to the pedals, press them individually.  Its just to test they fully reach 100% or you are getting full lock etc.  The brake pedal will losen up over time, that time just depends how fast and brave you are and how much brake you use :)

If you are planning to use manual paddle shift gears, I would suggest using your gearshift as the handbrake.  Bind handbrake to 4th gear and put some elastic bands around the clamp screws that tighten to the desk.  Its a recent triack I adopted when I got some elastic bends that were wrapped around the broccoli I used for Xmas dinner :smile:   Best present I got to be fair!  Someone has a picture in one of the threads here on what it should look like but basically you want the handbrake to spring out of 4th and into neutral/3rd once you've released it.  Having the handbrake mapped to a button on the wheel is just too difficult when turning, imo.

Let me know if you need anything else and good luck

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